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Business newsletters

Business Tax Update
Providing tax updates on PAYE, GST and FBT and other relevant tax issues, you'll get all your business tax news in one place every month. This makes it easy for people in business, whether self-employed sole traders or small/medium enterprises employing staff, to understand and comply with their tax obligations.

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Agents Answers is our monthly newsletter to tax agents giving updates on tax law changes, and operational and technical issues.

Aimed at larger corporate organisations (with annual turnovers of more than $100 million), this quarterly newsletter communicates changes to tax law and Inland Revenue policies and procedures that may affect these groups.

Individual and community newsletters

If you're a community group or electorate office or provide advice to people about personal tax, child support, Working for Families Tax Credits and student loans, then this quarterly newsletter will keep you informed.

It's available in print (for community agencies only) if you need a hard copy. To request a copy, update your postal details, or add another agency to the mailing list, please email the details to us at

Notify Me provides up-to-date, topical information for both New Zealand-based and overseas-based borrowers. This information will help you better manage your student loan.

You don't have to have a student loan to subscribe to this quarterly newsletter. You can be a nominated person managing someone else's loan, or just be interested in knowing more about student loans. Sign up now and get your friends to sign up too.

Technical tax

The monthly Tax Information Bulletin contains information about changes to tax-related legislation, proposed legislation, judgments, rulings and other specialist tax topics. Inland Revenue provides the TIB as a service to people with an interest in New Zealand taxation.

Inland Revenue produces a number of items that explain how taxation laws may affect taxpayers and their agents.

These go through an extensive public consultation process before being published. You can have your say by commenting on the technical and/or any other aspects of the drafts.

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Inland Revenue’s change journey

Receive regular news alerts on the transformation of New Zealand’s tax system and how we are making it simpler and faster for New Zealanders to pay and receive their taxes and entitlements.

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